Nurturing The Future

Being the oldest sibling, I’ve always taken care of my younger sisters and helped my Mother with whatever she needs. You can say that I am definitely a nurturer. When I was approached by Caberbe Joseph, the Co-Founder of Lumiere De Education, and asked to join the foundation’s board of directors, I was truly honored. Needless to say, I said yes!

It feels amazing to be part of this wonderful organization which solely exists to give Haitian children a chance at a fruitful future through education. Nurturing these children, even if from afar, is so rewarding and makes me feel excited about the future. Knowing that we are providing them with an education that, otherwise, they wouldn’t have access to is life changing. We are changing the lives and future of each and every student! That is a fact!

I look forward to nurturing these students for the foreseeable future . I am so grateful to be a part of their lives and I hope to travel to Haiti one day to meet these children in person. I know that seeing their tiny faces will motivate me even more to help and nurture them however I can.

Eileen Baires
Lumiere De Education Foundation
Board Member
Florida Office