Empowering Haitian children to break the

Cycle of Poverty


What We Do

Our mission is to provide free education to Haitian children who are eager to learn and gain the skills required to lead healthy, productive lives. Our organization shines a light on the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and empowers disadvantaged children to break the cycle of poverty.




I was born in La Gonave, Haiti and when I was only three years of age, my parents relocated to the United States to start a better life for our family.  As you can imagine, the process was not easy for them so my siblings and I remained in Haiti until my parents were finally established, nine years later.  I am endlessly grateful that I was able to acquire an education here in the United States and I even went on to earn a college degree (self-funded) here, as well.  I am definitely the Haitian exception rather than the rule and I am vastly aware that my life could have and should have (based on circumstances) turned out differently.  Especially because my own mother, as the eldest child in her family, was responsible for the upbringing of her many siblings and with incredible poverty surrounding her for most of her life, was never able to obtain ANY formal education.  I saw how this disadvantage affected all of us and I vowed to eventually make a difference in any way I possibly could. It is because of her struggle with life and poverty that I am exceedingly passionate about Haitian education.

In 2005, with gratitude towards the United States in his heart and memories of his Haitian struggles in his head, our father, Dinaus Joseph, acquired L’ecole Dinaus Mixed school in Haiti to try and make a positive difference. In 2016, our father entrusted the operations of the school to us, and we fully funded the school with our personal earnings. The Haitian government doesn’t fund most schools, so families have to pay for their children to attend school. If they can’t pay, their kids simply do not get the opportunity for an education. In rural areas like La Plaine. where our school is located, poverty rates are higher, and it’s even more unlikely children are able to afford an education. In 2017, we began our organization Lumiere D’Education. There was a realization we could not continue to support the school ourselves as its needs grew. We did not want to turn away any families seeking an education for their children. We are proud of the growth of the our organization and to be able to fully fund this school for the children of La Plaine, Haiti! None of this could be possible without the generosity and support from all of you!

We understand that not everyone has a personal connection to Haiti but we hope that, with the increase of global awareness and recognition that any child’s today affects our world’s tomorrow, people will understand the importance of giving a child a chance and will donate what they can.  Help break the cycle of poverty by donating, today!

Who We Are:

A Message From Our Founder

Gelina Mascoe

Caberbe Joseph

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Because the Haitian government doesn’t fund most schools, families have to pay for their children to attend school. If they can’t pay, their kids can’t go. In rural areas like La Plaine, where our school is located, poverty rates are higher and it’s even more unlikely children are able to afford and education. We are proud to fund this school for the children of La Plaine, Haiti!

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