Your donation makes a life-changing difference.

Most of us aren’t exactly rolling in money, so it’s important that we can feel good about the impact our charitable contributions have. When the opportunities to give back are limited, it’s essential that you can feel good about what you’re able to donate. Giving away large amounts of money or signing up for a perpetual monthly donation may not be possible, but that doesn’t mean your donations aren’t important.

Small donations have a big impact when you donate to the right organizations. Many people don’t bother donating because they can’t afford to give anything substantial, but that’s really just a misconception with charitable giving. If you find the right organization, you can give a small amount of money with the assurance that it’s going to have an impact.

For example, if you donate just $50 to Lumiere D’Education, it will feed all 140 children lunch for two weeks. That’s TWO WEEKS of meals for 140 children that they would otherwise go without. That’s something that really matters, and something you can feel really good about doing!

One Time Donation


Feed the entire school lunch for two weeks


Sponsor a student for an entire year


Help purchase school supplies for the year


Pay the monthly salary for 12 staff members

Monthly Contribution


Provide one child a uniform, meals, and supplies.


Lunch for every student, 5 days a week


All required supplies for every student


Half of staff expenses for a month