Announcing Our New Solar Panel Project

Solar panels reflecting sunlight on a cloudy day

Lumiere D’Education has a new project in the works to help shine a light on Haiti – literally! We are very excited to once again partner with the JD Sheth Foundation, this time to install solar panels at our school. Try to imagine living your life with no electricity. No air conditioning in the hot […]

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Resilience in the Face of Crisis

Classroom full of students in Haiti

As our students prepare to return to school for the first time in months, they face more challenges than usual. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire world, and there have been more than 7,000 confirmed cases in Haiti. The actual number is likely higher because many Haitians are reluctant to seek treatment due to […]

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Educating Girls Impacts Generations

“If we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family – and a whole nation.” —African Proverb Helping impoverished and disadvantaged girls receive an education is something very important to us here at L’ecole Dinaus Mixed School. Of our currently enrolled 138 students, eighty are female — […]

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Why These Co-Founders Are So Passionate About Haiti

Gelina Mascoe and her brother, Caberbe Joseph, are the proud Co-Founders of Lumiere D’Education, a registered charity that was created to help fund their family-owned school. The school, L’ecole Dinaus Mixed, is located in La Plaine, Haiti. The area is one of the many poverty-stricken areas of Haiti that gets no support from the government, […]

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Why Education Is The Key To Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty

Whether we’re talking about a small village in Haiti or an inner-city in New York, history has shown us time and time again that one of the most impactful ways to break the cycle of poverty is through education. Here are some global facts about education and poverty that might surprise you: A single year […]

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Children Born Into Poverty Are Unlucky — But Is There A Solution?

There’s no question about it, poverty is a terrible thing and most of its victims are totally helpless. They’re born into it, and the cycle continues due to variables that are outside of their control. That’s why there are countless charities dedicated to its eradication, and many wealthy nations have donated billions toward the cause. […]

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