Why These Co-Founders Are So Passionate About Haiti

Lumiere D'Education co-founders Gelina Mascoe and Caberbe Joseph

Gelina Mascoe and her brother, Caberbe Joseph, are the proud Co-Founders of Lumiere D’Education, a registered charity that was created to help fund their family-owned school. The school, L’ecole Dinaus Mixed, is located in La Plaine, Haiti. The area is one of the many poverty-stricken areas of Haiti that gets no support from the government, […]

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Why Education Is The Key To Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty

A young girl in a classroom holding a pencil under her nose

Whether we’re talking about a small village in Haiti or an inner-city in New York, history has shown us time and time again that one of the most impactful ways to break the cycle of poverty is through education. Here are some global facts about education and poverty that might surprise you: A single year […]

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Children Born Into Poverty Are Unlucky — But Is There A Solution?

There’s no question about it, poverty is a terrible thing and most of its victims are totally helpless. They’re born into it, and the cycle continues due to variables that are outside of their control. That’s why there are countless charities dedicated to its eradication, and many wealthy nations have donated billions toward the cause. […]

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Haiti: Then & Now. Where Exactly Is L’Ecole Dinaus Mixed?

The history of Haiti is one of the most inspiring and interesting of any country — yet it’s one most of have never heard. The Haitian Revolution of 1791 is an incredible story that changed the course of history. They went from a slave state to an independent nation due to the drive and ambition […]

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My adult life has been shaped by the love of two things the arts and economics. My love for the arts really comes from my parents. My mother was a singer, dancer and actress before she met my father. After, she always worked in business with him, but from being young I remember my mom […]

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Preparing For The Infrastructure Of The Future

It is said that education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. As we approach the busiest part of hurricane season, I am reminded of last year’s hurricanes and how devastating they were to the Atlantic Coast, The Gulf Coast and the Caribbean. According to The […]

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Can You Take The Heat?

A classroom of Haitian students with backpacks on

As summer here in Indiana approaches, I find myself already complaining about the heat. I am not a summer person . . . I absolutely loathe being hot. When it is hot and humid, I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING. All I want to do in curl up in my air conditioned home and nap. […]

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Putting Children Back Together

The children whom Lumiere De Education Foundation aims to nourish through education do not need extraordinary or exceptionally gifted people. All they seek is laid-down people who see them, feel them, who love them, and help aid in carrying them with selfless transparency. I am reminded of a story; A man was in his study […]

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Passionate People Change The World

Portrait image of Jeff Jean, teacher at L'Ecole Dinaus Mixed

Introducing Jeff Jean. Jeff is one of our newest teachers and he is passionate about sports, music, and teaching. Jeff is fluent in French and Creole. After finishing his studies, he wanted to go into medicine but did not have the opportunity. Mr. Jean previously taught second and third grades and is currently teaching third […]

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