Preparing For The Infrastructure Of The Future

It is said that education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. As we approach the busiest part of hurricane season, I am reminded of last year’s hurricanes and how devastating they were to the Atlantic Coast, The Gulf Coast and the Caribbean. According to The National Geographic, the 2017 hurricane season was the costliest on record, causing more than $200 billion of damage and surpassing the 2005 season when Hurricane Katrina caused approximately $159 billion of damage.

Our society cannot afford these costly repairs after every natural disaster in the long run. Moving forward, we must learn to build resilient infrastructure cost-effectively and sustainably. We will need to come up with creative solutions and we must encourage and inspire our future innovators to dream of big ideas and expand their realm of horizon.

What if there was a way to absorb some of the destructive energy of a hurricane to use later on during recovery efforts? What if our roadways and our buildings were designed so that it can “heal” itself from damage? The students and teachers supported by Lumiere De Education Foundation will be part of the future who will come up with innovative solutions for our current infrastructure problems and your donations today will be an important part of that future. After all, the possibilities of tomorrow are not limited by today’s realities.

Jonathan Taylor
Lumiere De Education Foundation
Board Member
Florida Office