Memories From Haiti 80

A young Haitian girl smiling while reading at her desk

There was so much joy growing up as young girl in Haiti. I remember it like it was yesterday. Getting dressed in the morning, wearing uniforms, cute ones at that; the playground, pre-packed school lunches, the hard school lessons, and my favorite was singing Haiti’s national anthem. However, I was one of the fortunate Haitian […]

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Nurturing The Future

Haitian children at L'Ecole Dinaus Mixed smiling in their uniforms

Being the oldest sibling, I’ve always taken care of my younger sisters and helped my Mother with whatever she needs. You can say that I am definitely a nurturer. When I was approached by Caberbe Joseph, the Co-Founder of Lumiere De Education, and asked to join the foundation’s board of directors, I was truly honored. […]

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Let Your Mind Take You Places

A group of young Haitian students with their teacher in the classroom

Growing up as an Army brat was an enlightening experience in culture, geography, and privilege. This lifestyle allowed me to see and experience parts of the world that, once my father retired and we settled in Kentucky, many of the kids I attended high school with had only experienced through text books. While it was […]

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A Little Goes A Long Way

A woman joining hands with students at a Haitian school

Almost everyone wants to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Personally, I believe it is one of the reasons we were put on this glorious earth, to give back as much as possible. It’s definitely easier said than done for many, many people. Sometimes people feel that they are too busy, […]

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