Memories From Haiti 80

There was so much joy growing up as young girl in Haiti. I remember it like it was yesterday. Getting dressed in the morning, wearing uniforms, cute ones at that; the playground, pre-packed school lunches, the hard school lessons, and my favorite was singing Haiti’s national anthem.

However, I was one of the fortunate Haitian kids. Almost all schools in Haiti are privately run and are often unaffordable. Hundreds of thousands of children in Haiti remain out of school. To say that I’m honored doesn’t even begin to quantify the depth of my gratitude for having an opportunity to serve and to be a part of Lumiere De Education Foundation.

Lumiere De Education Foundation is a remarkable organization that provides free, may I repeat FREE, education to children in Haiti. That’s phenomenal! This will make such an impact in the lives of so many children. Children, who will grow up and who will lead in so many capacities.

Thank you to all who support this incredible organization.

Loudrige Jean-Philippe
Lumiere De Education Foundation
Board Advisor