Children Born Into Poverty Are Unlucky — But Is There A Solution?

A toddler sleeping on her mother's shoulder

There’s no question about it, poverty is a terrible thing and most of its victims are totally helpless. They’re born into it, and the cycle continues due to variables that are outside of their control. That’s why there are countless charities dedicated to its eradication, and many wealthy nations have donated billions toward the cause. […]

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Haiti: Then & Now. Where Exactly Is L’Ecole Dinaus Mixed?

A man playing a saxophone in a parade in Haiti

The history of Haiti is one of the most inspiring and interesting of any country — yet it’s one most of have never heard. The Haitian Revolution of 1791 is an incredible story that changed the course of history. They went from a slave state to an independent nation due to the drive and ambition […]

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