Putting Children Back Together

The children whom Lumiere De Education Foundation aims to nourish through education do not need extraordinary or exceptionally gifted people. All they seek is laid-down people who see them, feel them, who love them, and help aid in carrying them with selfless transparency.

I am reminded of a story; A man was in his study trying to work and his young son continuously interrupted him. The man found a picture of the world in a magazine, tore it into pieces and told his son he’d give him a quarter if he could put it back together. He figured it would take him all day, but shortly after, his son came back to him with the picture all put back together. The man asked, “how did you do this so quickly?” The boy replied, “it was easy, on the other side was a picture of a man and I just put the man back together.”

So you see…If we can put that little boy or that little girl back together (the right way) the world will come together and that’s what our mission at is: to put children back together.

Donovan D. Hazelwood
Lumiere De Education Foundation
Volunteer Coordinator