Can You Take The Heat?

As summer here in Indiana approaches, I find myself already complaining about the heat. I am not a summer person . . . I absolutely loathe being hot. When it is hot and humid, I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING. All I want to do in curl up in my air conditioned home and nap.

Have you ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? SAD is a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout the year face depression when seasons change. Most people get it in the winter but I get mine in the summer. I’m actually being serious. I absolutely HATE summer!!! It is too hot to do anything outside and when I have to, the feeling of exhaustion absolutely zaps me.

This brings me to my point. Think of how tired you get when you spend time out in the heat. Then, think of the relief you feel when you retire back to your air conditioning later in the day. Now, think of going to school in blazing hot temperatures, being packed into a classroom like sardines, having only warm water to drink, and then retiring back to your home at night that doesn’t have air conditioning and usually not even a shower that can cool you off.

Welcome to Haiti.

This is the norm for our school children and yet they rarely complain because they don’t know any different. They are stoked to come to school every day. It’s an honour for them. However, I know when I think about it, I feel very tired. I can’t imagine how tired these sweet children get during a hot school day. It makes me want to do anything and everything I can do to make their day more comfortable.

I know I can’t change the weather in Haiti. I know I can’t install showers and air conditioning in all of their homes. However, I also know that small things really can make a difference. Anything that people can donate to help us with storage so the children don’t have to keep their backpacks on their backs all day in the heat or help us buy food that is refreshing for them would be greatly appreciated.

Stephanie Stonecipher
Lumiere De Education Foundation
Director of Communications